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I have a masters degree in food science, microbiology and toxicology. I spent 25 years in the US Army conducting food process assessment and risk analysis on food production facilities all over the world. When I retired I worked for the Food and Drug Administration as a Consumer Safety Training Officer. Then I went to work for a Defense Agency as a Research and Development Manager for a wide range of technologies. I have been married for 34 years and have 3 children who are all married and in their 30s, I also have 6 grandchildren. My kids say I like to ramble on a lot about science and history, so my daughter Jenna thought it would be a good idea to start this podcast to give me and her husband an outlet. She recruited her husband Tom as my co-host to handle all of the technology. She says I’m the content creator and he is the tech guru.


I don’t have any fancy degrees like Bob yet, but I’m slowly working on them. I’d like to think i’m a reasonably smart guy though.I joined the Army at 19 and served for 11 total years, 8 on active duty and three in the Texas Army National Guard. I’ve even  managed to stay around the Military as a Department of the Army Civilian Employee. So far, my whole career has been with communications, everything from desktop support to radios to network infrastructure to big time satcom systems and transmission terminals. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel the world and have some pretty cool life experiences that you guys will surely get to hear about in some of our episodes. I’ve been married to my beautiful wife Jenna for 11 years and we have an almost 2 year old daughter, Juliana.



Hi historians, we're glad you found our little slice of the internet. We know you wonder who is Big Pharma or what is a Corporate Farm? How terrible is E-coli? Why is free range expensive? If it is Organic, are the rest Inorganic? Or just what does M&M stand for and why don’t they melt in your hand? This podcast will take you on an immersive journey through history, business, and outlandish trivia. Listen to Health, Wealth and a Taste of History as Bob and Tom roll the food Pyramid over to see if the other sides really are equal. Our food industry and its supply chain is safer and more efficient than its probably ever been in history and this podcast will cover it all. Listen to new episodes every other Wednesday on all major streaming platforms.  

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Health Wealth and a Taste of History podcast is a J.B. audio production and a homegrown family affair. Co-hosts Bob and Tom are a father and son-in-law duo. They talk all about history, food science and wild facts from Tom's daughters playroom. They divulge into mad cow disease and the USDA while surrounded by baskets of baby dolls, stuffed animals and lots of pink. Tom's wife and Bob's daughter, Jenna, is the executive producer. Bob's wife, Kandi, is the voice behind the trailer. J.B. audio production is named after Tom's daughter and Bob's granddaughter, Juliana Blaire. This podcast is intended to be lighthearted and mostly family friendly, but some language or content may not be suitable for younger listeners. 


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